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New York, New York | July 24, 2022

The #1 Event to Ignite your VOICE
as a Woman who is ready to Master her Magic
of Manifestation to Live the Story she's here to Tell!

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What is Rock your VOICE, Woman Live?

After all of the “work” you have done on yourself, through healing and learning your greatest Life Lessons, you now recognize that it’s time to Step into the Version of you that you have envisioned yourself becoming someday! You know that the time to manifest your greatest life’s purpose is now and secretly you also know that you’ve been holding yourself back.

How can you share your deepest secrets of how magical, mystical, and miraculous life is when you are still living with the self-doubt that keeps you playing smaller than you know you should.

All in all, it oftentimes feels a bit tormenting when you know you are here to help millions of people and change the world through your sacred gifts, yet you can’t seem to feel actualized in this moment to fully claim your own Authority as a World Known Feminine Leader right now.

So, what would it really take to make all of your greatest visions for yourself, and the world, come true right now?

Would it take a Miracle? Would it take some serious Magic? Or would it just take you Imagining a New Dream for your life that incorporated ALL parts of your story? An upgraded version of the Divine Feminine Leader you were born to be, and do it in heart of the greatest, “Concrete Jungle where Dreams are made of,”- New York City!!!! Because the truth is that the healing has already happened and there is nothing holding you back from living as your greatest version, except you.

Imagine one day in the heart of The Garment District, where you came dressed as your Higher Self, your Greatest, most Successful Self and you took the time to become embodied as this version, so you could continue to Show Up and Speak Up to Magically Manifest the ongoing dreams of your life. You were intimately surrounded by other masterful magicians you recognized as big world players up to sharing their gifts greatly through the Story they Live to tell!

WHO is this One Day Experience For?

Women of Influence, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Healers or Modern Day Mystics who are ready to Step Out into the world and Reveal their Magic! Women who are done with hiding, playing small or waiting for the right time to take action. Women who know who they are and what they are here to do but just need some support in mastering their energy, time and attention to experience a huge uplevel! Women who would also like to write their core story from a higher place of truth that becomes a staple to use throughout all of their own marketing messages.

This Event Will Be A 2.0 Version Of Rock Your Voice 2017!

Featured Guest Speakers:

Bob Doyle (From the movie, “The Secret” and his wife, Tracey Samlow Starr!)

Bob Doyle 

Acclaimed Author, Sought After Speaker and Subject Matter Expert for all things Law of Attraction and the Art of Allowing
Bob Doyle is best known as a Law of Attraction Expert, featured in the film and book, “The Secret.” Bob is driven by his passion for creative self-expression, and has been coaching people through the process of becoming their ideal selves for over 20 years. He recently turned his attention to Neuroplasticity, the ability to change our brain, realizing that our reality and our quality of life is governed by the wiring of our brain, and how we process our everyday experience. Bob is the creator of the Evolve Your Excellence brain rewiring program, as well as a certified breathwork instructor, and combines multiple modalities into a simple process of lasting transformation.
Tracey Samlow Starr

Heart 2 Heart Connector™ ❤️, a best-selling author, business and lifestyle coach, show host, and serial entrepreneur with experience building 7-figure businesses

Her passion is to motivate others to “Shine Your Light” and “Be A Starr!” ⭐️ to live your best life NOW! Tracey teaches how to use the Power Of Lists to manifest success in your personal and professional life. She loves working with conscious entrepreneurs and transformational leaders that want to live BIG and impact BIG with interview and affiliate marketing, pr, and joint venture partnerships. Tracey is grateful to have worked with some of the biggest names in business and personal development. 🥰She is excited to share with you how to use the power of lists to manifest success in your own life! ✨

Message From Bob Doyle:

The Promise

Come to this Space and Experience the Magic of SEEING yourself now as you’ve always dreamt of yourself to be! Bring your matching garments, dressed to the nine, for living a life worthy of your Beauty and Divine Self-expression. Be prepared to experience your VOICE from Inside your Body, through Breathworth and Movement to finding your unique brilliance of the Language that leaves your lips as you Bridge your Inner to your Outer! Leave this event AS your greatest version, never to return to normal, mundane ways of living life. Link arms with a new community of women who will act as both a Leading Lady and a Supporting Role in your life.


Christine is AMAZING! She's a leader and a powerful change-maker! She encourages and promotes Feminine Leadership.

Before I worked with Christine I was unclear of my message. I knew I was ready for make a greater impact on women share my story and wisdom collected over my life experiences with the world however I didn't know how. I wasn't clear or confident.

During our work together I was able to gain clarity in my message. I was able to see where I was blocked in my consciousness so I can release it and be more in my truth. I have been able to embody my divine truth more fully since working with Christine. I highly recommend Christine if you want to get clear, embody your truth, and be ready to take action in getting your message out into the world!
Jessica Brace
Digital Creator and Video Marketing Strategist at Purple Mermaid Media - Video Repurpose To Profit Method
Your rock your voice event was a Significant pivot point for me. Standing there on that stage and being in the space of, “This is what I KNOW I’m suppose to do.” Standing there and seeing how many of the women at your conference showed in that one room, shifted something in me. As I was standing there I could hear the words coming out of my mouth - STAND in your TRUTH, SPEAK who you are, Bring your Authentic message… knowing I was going to fly home to complete chaos, flipped me!” That was the catalyst of no more inauthenticity in my life!
Shalini Saxena Breault
Creator of Swan Goddess LLC, Co-Creator of Sacred Moon Fertility, and Co-Founder of Blissful Warriors
Before working with Christine, I was ready to give up on my business. Even after years of coaching hundreds of people with wellness AND also publishing a memoir on motherhood and self-love, I thought "who am I?"

Christine immediately knew how to lead me through the doubt and fear and back into action, her approach isn't like any other coach I'd ever worked with before and with her guidance, I've learned so much about myself. She showed me how to shift my limiting beliefs that had been negatively affecting me for years! This transformation has impacted all of my relationships - personally and professionally.

This deep integration of owning my calling and worth also ignited my voice in a whole new way. My coaching skills have deepened into this intuitive knowing and so has the way in which I show up on stage. "Before contacting Christine, my business was barely getting by. This had been going on for 4 years. I was feeling like it would take forever for my business to get to where I wanted it to be. My book was being released in a few months, so I knew I had to do something, but what? I did not know. I saw Christine doing a FB live and talking about her Beyond the Stage Program. Every word she said felt like it was directed to me. I was feeling excited listening to her speak so I booked a call with her the very next day and signed up immediately!

Working with Christine has literally changed my life! My business & I have been growing. I’ve had the biggest income months in my business ever! My message is clearer now and women reach out to me and become my clients. It's been a crazy good experience working with her. She has been SUPER Supportive beyond what I could ever imagine from a coach. Her love & support has anchored me in my growth.

Being among Christine and the others in BTS program has shown me what accountability and support can do for someone. I have new friendships and bonds that continue to grow. We each get to watch the other flourish in our speaking career and it's all thanks to Christine."
Denise Dominguez
#1 International Bestselling Author, Speaker & Coach. Radio Show Host: Fierce Women Rising

The Agenda

Sunday, July 24, 2022:

11:00am: Meet & Greet during Arrival

11:30am: Welcome by Christine

12:00 – 12:40pm: Law of Attraction Expert, Speaker Bob Doyle: Rewire Your “Brain” for Lasting Transformation!

Did you know that your brain is ready to be rewired at any time? Our ability to change our brain means that we can take on virtually any goal and realize it, if we have the commitment necessary to go through the periods of discomfort that accompany significant growth.

Transformation is a largely biological process, requiring that your brain grow new neural pathways to support new ways of being that will move you toward your goals most efficiently and enjoyably.

12:40 – 1:00pm: BREATHWORK

Bob’s presentation will not only tell you all you need to know to intentionally rewire your brain, but also provide you with a powerful breathwork experience that will take you to an amazing state of being, both spiritually, and physically. You’ll learn how to put your brain in an optimum state for intentionally rewiring, and learn a practice that you can take with you the rest of your life, with enormous benefits.

1:00 – 2:00pm: “The Story You LIVE To Tell!”

Christine’s Presentation of The Gene Keys profile and how to use your Life’s Purpose and Hologentic Blueprint to write your Million Dollar Message! Participants will have a copy of their unique blueprint to write out the outline, with themes, language and lessons of their Signature Story.

2:00pm – 2:45pm: LUNCH Break (go out to lunch)

3:00 – 3:45pm: Revist Breathwork with Bob, and Chanting/Sound with Christine to get you fully in your body.

4:00 – 4:45pm: Pen to Paper with The Power Of Lists To Manifest Success with Tracey.

Are you looking to manifest success in your life? The Power of Lists can help!

Everyone has heard of the power of positive thinking, but what about the power of lists as a creation tool?

Lists can help you manifest your greatest desires and achieve your most outrageous goals. Beyond just organizing your thoughts or keeping track of your to-dos, lists are the key to giving you clarity, unlocking the secrets of the Universe, and using the power of the written word to bring your dreams to life.

The Law of Attraction is at the heart of this guide and is the magic behind checking off your wish list items!

4:45pm – 5:00pm: Celebration of Completion!

*Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.

The Venue Is Just Outside Of Iconic Times Square

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